Our technical staff can advise you and can create the communications topology in your company, from the local network of the computers from your company, up to the communications by Internet, servers, structured wiring, communication between several offices...
With a certified formation and with the experience of having solved multitude of needs of communications in companies, we can offer you the following services:

- Topology and project of infrastructure of communications
- Installation and maintenance of local networks of computers
- Communication with switchboards, configuration and access
- Installation of structured wiring and communication units
- Certification wiring and installation

We are provided with CCNA formation of Cisco Systems

If you wish to have a computer system that covers all the needs of your company, the communications infrastructure is the channel by which all the computers and servers are going to communicate. Then it is essential that it has a verified reliability and a structure scalable and organized to facilitate at any time the communication of all the areas and computer equipments.

Therefore it is essential that the installation of communications is verified and certified by professionals.


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