A computer is a tool of work with which we will be able to use to carry out projects, works in general or leisure. Now then, it is important that every computer is adapted according to the use that it is gone to be given to, for this reason it is important to trust in professionals in the world of the computer science so that they could offer us a suitable tool:

- Delete of virus, system conditioning
- Advice on the best computer system for every user
- Sale, delivery and installation of personalized computers
- Optimization computer speed
- Security copies, restoration of information

In INFORMATICA 2K, our computer shop in Palma, we can realize any of the exposed services, or come to your home or to your company in any point of the island of Majorca.


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If the computer is an important tool of work for you: why not to come to professionals so that they condition it?

Your computing shop in Palma de Mallorca

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