Development of programs and solutions of management of completely personalized information and according to every company.

Management of On-line information
On-line applications, through web pages in Internet to manage any type of information or processes, events, invoicing, control of contents, control panel of information.


  Programming custom-made
We create personalized programs, office applications, according to the needs of management of every company. Estate agency management, Invoicing and direct sale (TPV), Management of facilities, Control of presence, Management of courier service.


When is it necessary to purchase a custom-made program?

At present there are many programs on the market, with a large selection of functions and to manage different information. Nevertheless these programs are done of "standard" form, what means that the company will have to adapt itself to the functioning of the program.

Sometimes the companies cannot, or do not want to have to adapt themselves to any program, they want a program that adapts 100 % to the functional needs of the company, and that could be growing and adapting itself constantly to every step or every project that the company initiates. Then, for these companies that have an exclusive work and that need a quality in its processes, it is necessary to get a custom-made program for the company.

How will I know the computer needs or of information management on my company?
Every company has a few different needs as for management of information or processes. In every case, the technical staff in programming and management of information of Informatica2K, will realize a project on the processes that can be managed by a custom-made program. They would contact with the Department of Marketing and design to connect the template and designs established according to its corporate line, and with the direction and coordination of the company, to see exactly what results is necessary to obtain.
If I purchase a custom-made program, in a future will it be possible to modify or to change?
Yes, a custom-made program is thought to adapt itself continuously to the needs of the company as it is developing with its target market, being able to add negotiations, modify them, to change processes, to add any type of module or management.
Some of our custom-made program clients:
Inmobiliaria NOVA, Inmobiliaria Inmovisa, Inmobiliaria CB Pisos, Serveis fets i Associats, Copistería Reflex, Afedeco, MRW, Angel24, Paper Oms, Kalu Rinpoche.

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